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Archeologists have found a 3400-year-old city with three palaces from the pharaoh age. The city, most likely the biggest one in ancient Egypt, was buried in sand for centuries near Luxor, not far from de famous Valley of Kings. Most of the buildings are in decent state.

The city was build 3400 years ago during the ruling of pharaoh Amenhotep III. The digging begun in September, at a search for a temple. But they found walls and rooms instead. They dug everything up and there it was, a whole city. 3400 years old (!). Egyptian archeologist Zahi Hawass, did research on this city. They also found parts of statues and rings.

The American Egyptian-expert Peter Lacovara calls this city a important discovery. This is one of the most important discorvery since the grave of Toetanchamon.

A lot of people would have lived here in the time of Toetanchamon people say. Toetanchamon ruled here in the 14th century B.C.

covid 19

Quarantine-free travel for residents of Australia and New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, announced the move on Tuesday, 04-14-2020.

Both nations have contained Covid outbreaks and kept infections rate almost to zero. They shut their borders in March last year. When outbreaks emerge, both New Zealand and Australia have instated lockdowns for the location of the outbreak, which halts the virus from spreading. This aggressive response is why Ms. Ardern opened the travel bubble.

Passengers traveling from Australia to New Zealand will be required to have spent at least 14 days before the flight in Australia only.

All citizens with a cold or flu symptoms, will not be allowed to travel. All passengers must wear masks and tell the New Zealand authorities of where hey will be staying.

Ms. Ardern did warn that if there is an outbreak, the travel arrangements could change.

Australia and New Zealand also have the idea of separate travel bubbles for low-risk places, such as Singapore, Taiwan and several Pacific island nations.

20 children killed in a fire while at school

In Niyame, 20 children died when a fire destroyed their school while no one noticed. Most of the children weren’t older than 11 years. The kids where between 5 and 10 years old. Some of the teachers where killed aswell that day. It is not sure how many people where injured that day.

No one noticed the fire because the children where still in class and the teachers where all teaching at that time of the day.

The school, like many others schools in Afrika wasn’t very save when it comes to fire, 25 of the 38 classrooms where burned, the fire fighters where there pretty fast but they couldn’t keep the fire under control, they managed to save a few teachers and a few students, but most of the people inside weren’t lucky enough to escape the building.

Man arrested nearby residence Vice-president

The secret service arrested an armed man from Texas in Washington today. He was walking nearby the residence of vice-president Kamala Harris.

This man from San Antonio has been charged with illegally carrying one or more firearms.

The suspect P. Murray was arrested by uniformed men from the secret service in an nearby street of the official residence of Kamala Harris. P. Murray has been charged by the metropolitan police.

According to the Washington police, the security were more alert in response to a newsletter originally from Texas. The police didn’t say anything about what was in the letter.

A Fox News reporter tweeted a warning from the Texan police about Murray, according to the tweet he was delusional and paranoid.

According to the tweet he was afraid that the government would hurt or kill him.

he texted is mother that he was on his way to Washington because he needed to fix a problem.